In the IndoorAtlas system, floor plans are used to do mapping aka “fingerprinting” or “signal data collection”. 

The floor plan should have enough easily recognizable details and landmarks, such as pillars, doors and corners, using which you can recognize your whereabouts accurately. This also helps to place Waypoints accurately.

As floor plans are aligned (geo-referenced) on the world map, IndoorAtlas SDK outputs standard WGS coordinates. 

Pixel coordinates for the floor plan used in fingerprinting are also available from the SDK.

The floor plan of Kamppi Center, floor number 0

In the web application, floor plans are

  • Positioned on the world map to bind your indoor locations to the standard global coordinate system, WGS-84
  • Given a floor number which determines the correct vertical ordering within a location

The floor plans with the same floor number are interpreted to be on roughly on the same vertical level or to form a contiguous, walkable surface.