Devices for Mapping

For best possible quality, we recommend using one of the following devices:

  • Google Pixel 1,2 and XL
  • Nexus 5 & 5X
  • Honor 8
  • LG G4 & G5
  • OnePlus 2 & 3
  • Oppo R9s

Other Android devices including the needed sensors -- accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope -- and OS version 5 or newer can be used as well. Please note that the device needs to have hardware sensors -- e.g. a virtual gyroscope does not provide the needed data.

Note that Android 9 is not recommended for fingerprinting.

Qualify Your Smartphone for IndoorAtlas Mapping

You can qualify any Android smartphone with a simple mapping experiment using IndoorAtlas MapCreator.

Devices for Positioning

To run IndoorAtlas SDK on an Android device, API level 21 (Lollipop) is required. For the most accurate positioning experience, gyroscope and magnetometer are needed. IndoorAtlas automatically uses the available sensors to provide the best possible positioning experience on each device. On iOS, IndoorAtlas SDK works on iPhone 4S and newer models.