After you've installed beacons and fingerprinted the venue with MapCreator, it's time for verifying everything has gone well. By now, you should've already checked the beacon environment analytics and generated a map.

At this point IndoorAtlas has created the geomagnetic and radio maps. You can now verify that all the beacons you've installed are successfully used for positioning:

1) Latest Map Revision from the panel on left
2) Beacon environment quality from the drop-down menu
3) Manage beacons next to the drop-down
4) View beacons in map

This brings up a dialog new dialog. Note the you can also export the list.

If you don't see all the beacons you've installed to this floor, the most likely reason is that there's not enough data from it to create a good radio model. Do the following:

1) Verify that the beacon is powered and you can hear it with your favorite beacon scanner
2) If you can hear it, collect more paths around the beacon(s) with MapCreator.
3) Generate a new map. Check the "beacons in map" again.

You can also use the Session Viewer to view a positioning session from the venue. This lets you see all the beacons observed in the session -- you find the Beacon summary at the bottom of the Session Viewer: