If you have deployed beacons, checked the beacon environment analytics, and generated the map, you are ready to verify that all the beacons you have installed have been observed during the fingerprinting phase and included in the map.

To verify observed beacons follow the steps below:

  • At app.indooratlas.com select the newest map revision
  • Select the 'beacon environment quality' from the menu
  • Select the 'view beacons in map' from the 'manage beacons' menu

You should now see a list of beacons that have been observed during the fingerprinting. You can also export the beacon list as a CSV file.

If some of the beacons you installed are missing from the list, you should try the following measures in order to include the missing beacons on the map

  • Ensure that the missing beacons are powered up – you can use your favorite beacon scanner to do this
  • After verifying that all the missing beacons are powered up, record a few more fingerprinting paths near the missing beacons using the MapCreator application
  • Generate a new map revision and check if all the beacons have now been listed in the 'beacons in map' view.

You can also use the session viewer at app.indooratlas.com to view a positioning session. The session viewer allows you to list all the beacons that have been observed by the device during the positioning session. You can find the 'beacon summary' at the bottom of the session viewer tool.