Before testing indoor positioning, you'll need to generate the sensor signal map from the fingerprinting paths recorded with the MapCreator application

  • Map generation uses the sensor data stored in the paths to generate the sensor signal map enabling indoor positioning
  • Before generating the map, you should use MapCreator's mapping analytics to ensure the quality of the fingerprinting data
  • If you see fingerprinting issues, i.e., a lot of red colors in mapping analytics, you should try to fix the fingerprinting issues before generating the map to achieve optimal positioning performance
  • After fixing the potential fingerprinting issues, it is safe to re-generate the map.

Check always the fingerprinting quality with MapCreator's mapping analytics feature 
before generating the map and doing extensive positioning testing, 
or reporting positioning performance issues to IndoorAtlas support.

You can generate the map by using the MapCreator or IndoorAtlas web tool at

  • Select 'Generate' from the venue floor dialog in MapCreator

  • Open the floor plan in the IndoorAtlas web tool and select the 'map data' tab. Select the 'mapping paths' tab from the dialog and tap the 'start map generator' button.

You can test the indoor positioning immediately after the map has been successfully generated.

Map generation should complete within a few minutes.  For large maps, such as big airport terminals,  or when there is a high demand on the IndoorAtlas map generation cloud, the map generation may take up to 30 minutes. You can use the IndoorAtlas web tool to monitor the progress of the map generation process.