Mapping Quality analytics overlay gives an indication if any areas might have mapping errors such as

  • Phone not pointing exactly forward while mapping (same direction as your body)
  • Inaccuracy of check-ins
  • Inaccurate placement of waypoints
  • Path walked to wrong direction while recording
  • Too few mapping paths on some area

Interpreting colors:

  • Red indicates a problem in your mapping technique. Please refer to the instructions in the Recording paths on correct phone orientation and Waypoint usage.
  • Blue color means that there are no overlapping data in the area and thus mapping quality cannot be validated.
  • Individual red points here and there are not alarming.

Fixing Mapping Quality

To fix mapping quality:

1. Identify and disable the paths that are causing the red analytics. Note that you can select paths by clicking on the image. The selected path is highlighted in red. In this example, you clearly see the selected path is causing the problem, as the non-green area exactly matches the length of this path.

2. Record new paths on the area

3. Verify from that the area is green