Android 9 has introduced a limitation such that every applications can scan the Wifi environment four times in two minutes. As a consequence

  • Using MapCreator with Android 9 is not recommended. Instead, the suggested solution is to downgrade the OS on your fingerprinting device to Android 8. 
  • If your app supports also iOS devices and thus you've installed beacons, the Wifi scanning limitation does not weaken positioning accuracy. Beacon scanning works normally on Android 9.
  • Enable BLE (or BLE background scanning) also in your Android app to guarantee good performance on Android 9 as well.

Note that MapCreator automatically warns you with the built-in warnings, if Wifi or BLE scans are not received with reasonable frequency.

Note also that since IndoorAtlas positioning fuses geomagnetic, PDR, BLE and barometric information in addition to using Wifi, the positioning quality is not severely affected by this limitation.