The IndoorAtlas mapping workflow supports copying venues from one IndoorAtlas account to another. This can be used, for example, to enable "staging" and "production" accounts, where the former is used to collect mapping data and perform initial verifications, after which the venue is copied over to the production account where it is used by end-user applications.

To copy a venue, navigate to the Location overview page of the venue which you wish to copy, and click the Generate copy token button to create a token which can be used on another account to import the venue.

Then share the token with the owner of the account to which the venue will be imported. The token is valid for 24 hours.

To import a venue using a token generated as described above, navigate to the Locations view, and click Import location in the top, and copy and paste the token to the input field in the dialog.

Clicking Check token validates the token in the IndoorAtlas servers and shows a preview (name and address) of the venue which the token enables importing.

Then, clicking Import location  will add the venue to your account and close the dialog. It also triggers map generation for all floor plans in the venue, and once the maps have been generated, the imported location is available in positioning.

Venues which have been imported from another account are decorated with an import icon in the locations view.

An imported venue behaves identically to "original" venues in nearly all respects. The owner of the imported venue can edit venue and floor plan details, enable and disable mapping paths, adjust floor plan alignment, create new floor plans or collect new mapping data with IndoorAtlas MapCreator. The only difference is that an imported venue cannot be copied further. Changes to the imported venue are not visible in the original venue.

If the original venue is changed, for example new mapping data is added, the changes are not automatically visible in the imported venue, but venue can be re-imported using the above workflow. Re-importing a venue will overwrite the previously imported venue.