Mark your real location i.e. Ground Truth during testing (currently only available for Android in MapCreator) for easy verification of positioning performance against your real location during testing.

Guide video:

Overall workflow for testing with MapCreator:

  1. Mark ground truth for positioning session using diagnostic mode of MapCreator (see below). 
  2. Store trace-id (also see the bottom of the screenshot below)
  3. Open the trace-id in Session Viewer

Starting positioning in diagnostic mode

You can place a positioning waypoint to exact location where you are on the map and then check-in to the waypoint, similarly as you check-in to waypoints during mapping. When checking in to the second waypoint, the marked path appears on MapCreator as a polyline.

Marking ground truth path in diagnostic mode

This path will then appear in Session Viewer as a polyline together with the positioning estimates. They can be used as a reference to describe the positioning performance and report about problems. For viewing the session in Session Viewer, you have to store the trace ID of the session.

Ground truth is shown as red line and dot in Session Viewer