Using Instant Mapping Analytics

Walk-through of instant analytics types

MapCreator can show you instant mapping analytics while you are recording paths to let you react accordingly – e.g. collect more data on an area. The analytic overlays are selected from the top-left menu, see figure below.

While recording paths, we recommend to view:

1. Wifi mapping coverage : instantly see if you need to collect more data on the area you are currently mapping.

Note that the WiFi scan frequency varies across phone models, so to save time in professional mapping you should use a phone that has decent scanning frequency. For more info, see qualifying a mapping device.

2. Beacon environment quality : see instantly where you need to add more beacons. Note that this is relevant only if you have deployed beacons. The overlay should turn green when you collect paths on the area where you have installed beacons. In the example below, you should add a beacon to turn the yellow analytics green.